Wednesday, 04 July 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Chairperson, State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) Usha Negi asked the State Education Department officers to deal strictly with the private school managements which are making the parents of the students to shell out exorbitant amounts in the name of numerous fees arbitrarily. She said that the managements are putting pressure on the parents to pay the extra in the name of Yoga fees, AC fees, Extra fees, Tuition fees and the like while chairing a meeting of the commission with  the officers of the District Education Department, transport department and social welfare department on Tuesday. The chairperson also discussed issues related to the working of Right To Education (RTE) in the State for the welfare of the poor children. Negi also raised the issue of charity registration and stressed that the schools are getting registered under Charity Trust Act and then are forcing the parents of the students to pay  money at their will. The additional district education officer said that the private schools following their affiliated  to either CBSE or ICSE decline to allow  the checking process. Hearing this, Negi asked for constitution of a committee to physically verify the schemes running in the schools as well as the structure of the schools. If any school management refuses to fall in line registration of such schools would be cancelled by the commission. Negi, further, asked the authorities concerned about the working of Right to Education Act to which the officers present said that they are getting no Government help to physically verify any family that enrols its kids under RTE Act. To this, the chairperson instructed them to consult the State Divisional Magistrate and SCPCR  so that action can be taken against the family concerned. She also sounded worried over the condition of the vehicles which are assigned to pick up and drop children. Assistant divisional transport officer (ADTO) apprised her that around 79 buses, 31 taxies,  four Vikrams and nine private vehicles among others have been fined for not having proper arrangement. She instructed  them to ensure that there is no overloading of the school buses. Negi said that  the teachers should not convert tuition into  business. “Instead, they should teach in the  classes properly,” she said. She also expressed  concern over the absence of the representative from Co-operative Society. She, further, said that head of the society can  submit the data  sought by July 16. Among those present at the meeting were the chief education officer SB Joshi, assistant divisional transport officer Arvind Pandey, District Education Officer Secondary YS Chaudhary, deputy education officer Raipur Monika and block education officer SS Tomar the members of the commission.

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