Monday, 09 July 2018 | PNS | Haridwar– A video of a man in late 20s committing suicide by jumping into Ganga canal went viral on Sunday morning. The person could not be identified said the police. A man wearing a red T-shirt jumped into the Ganga canal in front of several others members of the public. A local resident tried to talk to him and even came down to the spot in an attempt to make him give up his plan to take the plunge. However, as seen in the video clip, the young man simply jumps into the canal ignoring the request of the person trying to make him climb up back on the bridge. The Jwalapur polic station in charge Amarjeet Singh said that it was two days old video and the person could not be identified yet. Apparently he was drunk, said the police. It is difficult to trace the body since the flow of river is considerable these days due to the rains, said the police.

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