Electric buses to arrive in Dehradun by next week

After the successful trial run of an electric bus in Dehradun some time back, 29 electric buses are set to arrive in the Dehradun city by next week.

Informing this, CEO of Dehradun Smart City Limited, Ashish Kumar Srivastava disclosed that the electric buses were ordered after the successful trial of the electric bus in all the routes in the city.  He said that the electric buses will depart from Hyderabad by Saturday and will reach Dehradun by the next week. He further added that State Transport Authority (STA) has recently issued the list of fare and the timing will be set soon. Moreover, he said that the arrival time of the buses will be displayed in all the main stops as the buses have a GPS tracking system. According to him, the management is planning to operate electric buses till 10 PM during summers and till 9 PM during winters but it is yet to be confirmed. He also revealed that only 28 buses will be operated regularly while two buses will be kept in reserve to be operated in case of emergencies only.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

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