MCD to take three days to sanitise 100 wards

Saturday, 01 May 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The municipal commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has asked the councillors of all the wards to be physically present during the sanitisation spray in their wards from today. The officials informed that the corporation has divided 100 wards into three sections to sanitise them thoroughly within the three days.

After the orders of the Dehradun district administration last week, the MCD started the weekend sanitisation drive to sanitise all the wards. However, due to a lack of resources to cover all the 100 wards within one or two days, the officials have decided to sanitise the city on this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

According to the municipal commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey, the MCD team would sanitise 35 wards on Saturday, 34 wards on Sunday and 31 wards on Monday. He has also asked the councillors to be present in their respective wards during the sanitisation process that would start from 8 AM.

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