Saheli Trust providing comfort to the needy amid crisis

Friday, 14 May 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Amid the second wave of Covid-19 many people are undergoing several difficulties. However, various voluntary organisations are helping the affected people in different ways.

Saheli Trust in Dehradun has been providing varied assistance to people directly or indirectly affected by Covid in the provisional state capital. The organisation has made arrangements for children below the age of 12 whose parents are admitted to the hospital or ill. It is also for a girl child who is in an unsafe condition. They will be provided free food, accommodation, security and affection. Founder of Saheli Trust, Shruti Kaushik said, “We haven’t got a child till now maybe as the parents are hesitant to send their children. Perhaps it’s not so easy to trust someone but we will make sure that whoever comes is treated with full care and love.”

The organisation has also started an oxygen langar at Jakhan, where for half an hour those in need are provided oxygen through an oxygen concentrator for free. It’s a come and take oxygen service from 9 am to 8 pm. Anyone can come and for any number of times.

Due to the Covid curfew, all the roadside eateries are closed which is a problem for Covid patients and their attendees so Saheli Trust is providing free meals with bottled water outside the government Doon Medical College hospital. Each day they serve about 150 units of breakfast and 150 lunches along with over 200 water bottles outside the Doon hospital to needy like Covid sufferers, hospital staff and some policemen on duty. Soon the organisation plans to raise the number of meals as it is getting more demand for it.

Kaushik said that they are getting a good response to this initiative. Locals are coming out to support their efforts and with their help, they are being able to serve the needy better.

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