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Foot in the mouth

The habit of putting his foot into his mouth could prove costly for the head of the saffron party in the Himalayan state. Instead of showing the way to the younger lot of the party by his conduct and leading by example the happy go merry leader has proved to be more of a liability than an asset for his party. Ever since his appointment to the coveted post last year, the Neta ji has invited trouble for his unbridled utterances. This leader who made things difficult for his own party by stating that Modi’s name would not fetch votes for the party candidates is now drawing ire for his offensive talk about the leader of the opposition. When the opposition raised a hue and cry on the controversial statement, the Neta ji tried to defend himself but with the video of his proclamation ‘tere sampark mai kaun aayega Budhia’ going viral and the Chief Minister TSR expressing regret, the head of the saffron party had no option but to express apology. It is another matter that the tenor of his statement appeared far from being regretful. It is learnt that the central leadership of the party has expressed its displeasure over the unsavoury incident which has put the party into a bad light.

AAP Trap!

By asserting that he can enlist 100 and not a mere five works of TSR government as challenged by the deputy CM of Delhi, cabinet minister of Uttarakhand Madan Kaushik fell into a carefully laid trap by the AAP. Sisodia, a past master of such manoeuvres, knew exactly what he was talking about when he threw a gauntlet to Kaushik for debate on the much hyped Delhi Model Vs Uttarakhand model. He knew that whether or not the minister who also is the mouthpiece of TSR government arrives for debate, the objective of catching eyeballs for the party desperately trying to create a niche for itself in the Himalayan state which is politically polarised between two parties is fulfilled. By the time saffron leadership understood the trap and asked the minister not to give any weightage to AAP, the damage had been done. Interestingly the leadership of the Congress party is dealing with the AAP challenge in a much better way as it is maintaining a safe distance from doing or saying anything about the newcomer.

Intended folly?

The recent episode in which the CM TSR had to intervene and direct the health department to withdraw provisions like compulsion of Form 16 and work experience in a 30 bed hospital from the recruitment process of nurses of state health services has again put the babudom of the state in a bad light. As expected these provisions were resented by the unemployed especially those belonging to mountainous areas because both these conditions effectively barred them from being eligible for recruitment. A timely intervention by TSR however cleared the obstacle ostensibly put up by the babudom. The aspirants for the posts of teachers advertised recently also complain about similar impractical preconditions in the recruitment procedure which are not there in other states.

Friday, 08 January 2021 | Gajendra singh Negi | Dehradun

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