Congress holds protests against rising prices

Takes out Padyatras in all 95 blocks of state, plans to intensify agitation

After holding protests in the districts, the Uttarakhand Congress organised block level protests and ‘Padyatras’ on the rising prices.

Addressing party workers in a march organised in Cantonment area, the vice president of Uttarakhand Congress, Surya Kant Dhasmana said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a surgical strike in the kitchens of general public by increasing the prices of cooking gas and edible items.

He said that the Congress workers organised Padh Yatras in all 70 blocks of the state to highlight failure of the BJP government in controlling spiralling prices. Dhasmana said that the party would take the agitation to the Nyay Panchayats, wards and every household.

In Raipur block of Dehradun, the Congress workers started their Padh Yatra from PRD ground on Tapovan road. Speaking on the occasion, Congress leader Surat Singh Negi said that the general public is facing problems due to increasing prices but the government has failed to control the price rise. Congress leader Mahesh Joshi said that the BJP had made false promises to the people and on the basis of them it came to power but the party has now got exposed. He said that the Narendra Modi government has proved to be a failure on all fronts. He said that the prices of cooking gas, petrol and diesel have become out of reach of the general public. Joshi said that the increase in prices of fuel has got a cascading effect on prices of everything and the poor are finding it tough to get two square meals in a day. The president of Raipur block Rahul Panwar said that the Congress party would intensify its protest against the rising prices

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

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