Plan to provide relief to stray cattle from cold

The Tehri administration has come up with a plan to provide relief to the stray cattle that are suffering due to extreme cold conditions in the tourist town of Dhanaulti by relocating them to the cattle pens in warmer pastures at Dehradun.

The administration along with the villagers in its unique initiative has prepared a plan to send the destitute cows to the cow-pen(Gaushala) in Dehradun and this move is being appreciated by various organisation in the region who are of the view that this exercise will give a new lease of life to the stray cows in Dhanaulti and reduce the number of deaths due to harsh winter.

The minimum temperature in the January and February seasons reaches below zero and this adversely affects the health of the cows that reside on the roads of the town under frosty and snowy condition. Some cows also met with accident due to increased traffic during mad rush of tourist during snowfall hence the SDM Dhanaulti Ravindra Juantha and police choki incharge Dhanaulti Jogendra Yadav interacted with the local villagers and came out with the plan of shifting these stray cows to Dehradun during winter season.

SDM Dhanaulti has said that these cows will be kept in an ashram running a cow pen in Dehradun and will be shifted as soon as they get the green signal from the ashram. SDM Dhanaulti said that this exercise has full support of the villagers around Dhanaulti.

Pradhan Neeraj Belwal, Padam Singh Kathait and Kuldeep Negi and many other pledged to work in the cow shifting plan.

Monday, 18 January 2021 | PNS | New Tehri

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