The Power of Attention

Sunday, 02 May 2021 | Sant Rajinder Singh

The connection to God is not hard. It is just a matter of making the choice that this is what we want to do, writes Sant Rajinder Singh

A soul is sent to a life in the human body for a certain period of time. When the soul inhabits a body, the soul is still a part of God and is still one with God. The soul, however, is now overpowered by powerful forces, such as the mind, the body and the outer world, which cause the soul, over time, to forget itself. The soul slowly begins to identify itself with the body and mind and world outside. It suddenly begins to think that it can only receive information from the outer world through the senses. Thus the soul has become attuned to only one channel — the channel of the world.

If we think about our life as watching a television programme, we have multiple choices as to what to watch. Just as there are a dozen network stations and then dozens if not hundreds of cable stations from which to choose, so, too, there are many activities in this world that we can engage in.

Now, let us take a look at the other choices available to us. This physical planet is not a separate offshoot from all of creation and God. Most religions believe that there are higher regions or existence to which the soul goes after it dies. Scientists and doctors have tried to verify this by documenting accounts of people who were declared clinically dead but had near-death experiences and described something beyond this world. The question is, where are these realms? They are not zones in outer space delineated by borders. All these realms exist concurrently with this one. The reason we are not aware of them is because they operate on a different frequency or vibration.

The saints and mystics tell us that we have the choice to either stay tuned to this physical world, or to tune into the channels of God. God wants us to watch God’s programming. God is available twenty-four hours of the day, three hundred sixty five days of a year. God’s programming does not turn off at three am like some networks do. It is a free station broadcasting all the time without any cable fees. We only need to know how to tune into God’s station.

The connection to God is not hard. It is just a matter of making the choice that this is what we want to do. The steps to do this are simple.

l Step one is to stop identifying with the body, mind, and world outside, and identify with the soul.

l Step two requires that when we identify with our soul that we shift our attention to the frequency or the higher realms and ultimately to God.

That is all we have to do. God did not make it hard for us to become aware of our true Home. It is we who have made it complicated.

So how do we accomplish step one and step two? To accomplish step one, we must withdraw our attention from our body, mind, and the world outside. We must decide to turn off the outer programming. When that programming is in the off mode, then in the silence we will experience ourselves as soul. That is the step that we call self-knowledge.

Once we identify with the soul, we will be able to pick up frequencies that the soul is capable of receiving. We can do a gradual shift in which we go from the consciousness of one region to consciousness of the spiritual realms.

In this process we are not going anywhere physically; we are merely shifting our attention from one state of consciousness to the other. The other state of consciousness does not exist in time or space. They are operating concurrently. We are simultaneously in the other realms and in God at the same time but we are not aware of it because our attention is only focused on one region — the physical.

So, for step one, if we meditate accurately we will experience ourselves as soul. Once we identify with the soul, then we will also be aware of the inner Light and Sound that is the radiance and vibratory sound of God within us. If we absorb ourselves in the Light and Sound within, we can then attain step two. We can shift our attention into the Light and Sound, which attracts our soul to higher levels of vibration.

It is simply a matter of choosing where we want to put our attention. This is the simplicity of spirituality. God did not make things complicated. It is simple, we just have to choose to transplant the flower of our attention from the world into God’s garden.

The writer is a spiritual leader

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