DGP directs strictest action against those blackmarketing O2 & hospital beds

Sunday, 02 May 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Strict action should be taken against those found moving about on the roads without any valid reason during the ongoing Covid curfew. Some people are black marketing oxygen and hospital beds while some are overcharging for ambulances. Such persons should be identified and strictest possible action should be taken against them. Strict action should also be taken against the hospital or hospital staff concerned if they are found involved in the said black marketing.

The State’s director general of police, Ashok Kumar issued these instructions while chairing a video conference with police officers of the state, district and city level here on Saturday.

The DGP said that the police in-charge of the border districts will ensure that only those persons who meet the mandatory conditions of online registration and RT-PCR negative report are allowed to enter the state. Police personnel working on the frontline should wear proper masks and face shields. The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) should be used in works related to cremation of unclaimed dead bodies as the SDRF has adequate resources and is also trained for such situations. The SDRF was directed to conduct such cremations with its personnel wearing PPE kits while the police station concerned will also deploy personnel at such sites to maintain order and peace. In case any police personnel need oxygen for self or family member, the same should be provided immediately from the police line or battalion. Pulse oxymeter and thermometer should be made available in each platoon of the Provincial Armed Constabularyand in each police station of the district, said the DGP.

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